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    • David Hockney inspired artwork
      Year 2 have been using oil pastels to create their own David Hockney inspired landscape pictures.
    • Musical Instruments
      As part of our Phase 1 phonics in Nursery we have been exploring musical instruments.
    • Transient Art
      Transient Art is known as moveable art. It is a collection of materials that the children use to create a picture from.
    • Tales Toolkit
      We have been using our big bags to create another fabulous story.
    • Harvest Time
      As part of our Harvest celebrations in class we learnt a song all about a tractor.
    • Harvest Tractor Painting
      The children in Nursery have been painting tractors to accompany our Harvest song.
    • Harvest Tractor
      Some of the children in Nursery worked together to build a model tractor.
    • Riding in our tractor
      After singing a special Harvest tractor song the Nursery children built their own tractor.
    • Harvest fun in RS
      We have enjoyed celebrating harvest in class.
    • Environmental Sounds
      The children in Nursery made some 'listening ears' ready for our sound walk.
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