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    • Curriculum Projects Page
      Have you tried our whole school curriculum projects page for work?
    • Y5 Geography Earthquakes Lesson
      Y5 Geography Earthquakes lesson 1 has been added to the Online Learning page of the school website.
    • Latest Geography Blog!
      Click on the link (website only) for our latest Geography blog.
    • Comparing Alice Springs and Rochdale
      In year 2 we have been using Google Maps and Venn diagrams to compare Alice Springs and Rochdale.
    • Rainforests
      Year 3 are learning all about the rainforest biome as part of their 'Wonderful Earth' topic.
    • Rainforest Layers Models
      The children have been learning about the four layers of the rainforest.
    • Hello! From around the world
      In year 2 we have been learning about the different continents and oceans.
    • Our local area
      In year 2 we have been investigating our local area. We walked around Kirkholt and then we made a map in the playground. After this we made a map of our local area in our Foundation books.
    • Geography Day
      Year 1 located the parts of the world with extreme temperatures.
    • Year 6 Carnival day
      Year 6 have planned and created their own Brazilian carnival. This experience has allowed them to prepare masks, headpieces and even costumes. Children also choreographed and practiced a samba dance which was performed to the other classes.
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