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Nurture Provision

Our Nurture rooms; Oasis, Hive and Tiny Turtles  are based on the Th.Inc room design.

The Th.Inc. Room (Thinc Room) approach has been developed in response to the growing interest shown by schools in therapeutic interventions and emotional literacy. It seeks to merge educational and therapeutic approaches, to provide school based interventions, which meet the social and emotional needs of children.

Here at Sandbrook we are one of the few schools in Rochdale that has developed this approach. We have created a fun but nurturing environment where children can feel comfortable and at ease with others.

We ensure that the children are well  supported throughout and programmes  allow the children to express their feelings and voice their opinions. We encourage them to be independent and confident in their abilities which in turn enhances their social development, giving them a strong sense of personal identity. The Nurture room staff are fully trained in this area of work. Mrs Korab (SENCO) works closely with the team.

We run weekly intervention sessions where children can explore their needs and emotions through play. This provides an opportunity for free expression, exploration and peer interaction. Our sessions comprise of enjoyable circle time games, emotional literacy, group discussions, confidence building activities, visualisations, imaginative role play activities and free play. We also use Lego Therapy, Wild Tribe, Wild Crew, Messy Play, Talkabout and Speech Bubbles to support children.

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Wild Tribe 


Wild Tribe has been based on the principles of Forest schools which was developed from the Scandinavian education system and is about young
people building self- esteem and independence through exploring and experiencing the natural world. Forest Schools is a long term programme
delivered by trained practitioners within a natural environment (not necessarily a Forest!). The main difference between Forest Schools and Wild tribe is that Wild Tribe has been developed by teachers and
practitioners working alongside each other to ensure that units of exploration have been developed, which meet the needs of all learners,
not just early years, and meets the requirements of the new national curriculum covering a range of curriculum areas. Each Wild tribe unit of
exploration is tailored to meet the needs of individuals within that group and is continuously developed as the young people grow in confidence,
skills and understanding as a result of their exploration.
The ethos of Forest Schools allows learners the time and space to develop skills, interests and understanding through practical, hands-on
experiences. It also allows practitioners to step back and observe the young people in order to then encourage and inspire individuals to achieve
through careful scaffolding and facilitating. Wild tribe has been developed based on the principles of Forest schools but with a Sandbrook twist.

Lego Therapy 


Lego therapy is a collaborative play therapy in which children work together to build Lego models.

 Instead of building Lego sets by themselves, children work in pairs or teams of 3. The task of Lego building is divided into different roles such that social intervention is necessary to participate.  By doing this, children practice key skills of collaboration, joint attention, fair division of labour, sharing, turn -taking, eye-contact, gaze-following, verbal and non-verbal communication.

 LEGO therapy is in both individual and group sessions during which natural opportunities are used to practice social communication, social support, social problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

Sensory Circuits 



At Sandbrook we have designed and built a Sensory Circuits room. Participation in a short sensory motor circuit is a great way both to energise and settle children into the school day.

The aim is to focus concentration in readiness for the day’s learning. The circuit also encourages the development of the child’s sensory processing skills.

Many children can benefit from attending a Sensory Circuit, even for a short period of time. 


Speech Bubbles is a drama based creative intervention programme designed to support children in KS1 to develop their Speaking, Listening and Attention skills.  M6 Theatre Company is one of Britain’s leading theatre companies, specialising in creating and delivering high quality and relevant arts projects and productions with and for young people. M6 have been running Speech Bubbles in Rochdale schools since 2013 with the support of London Bubble Theatre Company, originators of the programme.

Messy Play 


Therapeutic Messy Play

Our Messy Play groups run in school and last for 8 to 10 weeks.

The format has been designed specifically with the needs of children who have witnessed domestic abuse and are experiencing trauma.

Two learning mentors , who have been  trained in reflective language, boundary setting and child-led play, lead the sessions with 5-6 children.

Within these groups, the children have the opportunity to explore through sensory play and to reflect on their feelings about their experiences in the group. The group approach fosters a sense of belonging between the children in the group and increased empathy for, and understanding of, peers.

Please contact school  to find out more about Messy play.