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Some of our Year 1 & 2 attendance reward winners receiving Odeon Cinema or Smyth's Toy Store vouchers!

Some of our recent attendance reward winners - Odeon Cinema vouchers!

Success in Life Starts with Great Attendance

Watergrove Trust recognises that attending school regularly has a positive impact on learning, progress and the social and emotional wellbeing of its learners, giving them the best life chances and preparing them for their future.

We ask that parents and carers work with our schools to ensure the best possible attendance for their children and to read our Attendance Matters publication that contains key information.

Reporting Absence

To report your child's absence, please phone the school on 01706 647743.

The school day times can be found here.

Parents should inform the school of the reason for their child’s absence so that the school can:

  • Determine if the child’s absence needs to be excused in line with school policy.
  • Determine the appropriate follow up to ensure the child’s education and wellbeing are supported.
  • Record if the parent has a reasonable excuse for not meeting their obligation to ensure their child attends school each day.
  • Where possible, parents should inform the school in advance of upcoming absences.

Absence Concerns

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact school.

NHS Guidance

The NHS website contains useful information to identify and support illnesses for children attending school.


For information on our attendance policy, please look at our centralised policies page.