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    • RS Oil spill experiment
      To celebrate Science week, we carried out an experiment to see what happens when oil spills into the ocean.
    • Pollen Grains!
      In Science, Year 1 have been learning about plants. Today, we have made pollen grains out of play dough. We made pollen grains of all different shapes and sizes.
    • Properties of Materials
      In Year 5, we have been looking at conductors and insulators.
    • Classifying Animals
      In science, year 2 have been learning about the different ways to classify animals.
    • Planting a Bean!
    • Science - Forces
      Year 3 investigated the effects of friction on different surfaces.
    • Materials
      We sat in a circle and studied a range of objects made from different materials. We passed the object around the circle and discussed what material it was made out of using our five senses. We used new vocabulary including wooden, plastic and metal.
    • Nature Walk
      Year 1 went on an adventure !
    • Leaf Prints
      1S have been looking at patterns and creating leaf prints.
    • Y2 Searching for Minibeasts!
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