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 At Sandbrook we believe that learning a foreign language provides our pupils with valuable educational, social and cultural experiences. We want to open doors to different countries and cultures and deepen our pupils’ understanding and appreciation of the world. We teach French in Key Stage 2, using engaging lessons with relevant topics to encourage children to express their ideas and thoughts in a different language. As children progress through school we will develop their understanding of the language, providing a range of experiences in which they can communicate orally and through written work. In addition to this, we encourage an early interest and understanding in French and French culture through whole school celebrations such as French picnic days to commemorate Bastille Day and by promoting the French language throughout school with signage and displays showcasing fantastic French work.



Our aims are to:

Develop pupils’ speaking and listening skills through a range of engaging activities.

Explore the differences between French and English language and culture.

Provide a solid foundation for language learning for which pupils can continue to develop as they progress in to KS3.


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Below are some  videos  with basic French phrases, have a look and practise your French.

Bonne chance! (good luck in French)

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