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Tiny Turtles

Years 1&2


Support for children who find change upsetting or are emotionally insecure. Builds self-acceptance, self-worth and trust. Helps children with aggressive, impulsive or inappropriate behaviour. Supports immature behaviour and poor attention span. Children who attend spend half of their curriculum time working in Turtles, either morning or afternoon sessions, spending the rest of their time in their usual classroom environment.

The Hive

Years 3&4


The Hive provides a variety of nurture interventions for our lower key stage 2 children and also the opportunity to ‘drop-in’ and work outside the classroom environment if needed. Developed in 2018, this provision links the Tiny Turtles approach to our traditional nurture groups that run in Oasis Room. The environment is fun and nurturing, allowing children to feel comfortable and at ease with others. Social skills, self-awareness and emotional and behavioural barriers are just some of the areas that are focused on to cater for a variety of complex needs whilst allowing children to continue to access the curriculum.

Oasis Room

Years 5&6


The Oasis Room focuses on our upper key stage 2 children, providing a variety of nurture intervention groups. The most challenging and vulnerable groups of children are constantly considered, ensuring that their needs are met in a way that allows them to also continue to access the curriculum in an appropriate way. Regulating emotions, considering behavioural difficulties and working as part of a team are just some of the areas that are addressed in The Oasis Room. Timetabled groups allow children to access the room for their identified needs. Flexibility is key in ensuring that children’s needs are met as they change and therefore, the room is constantly evolving to ensure children have the appropriate nurture.

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