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At Sandbrook we want our children to be historians. If children are to understand their place in the world, they must not only study the present but look to their past. History at Sandbrook takes a journey through local, British and world history, helping children to understand what has gone before and what the future may hold. KS1 starts by looking at our local and family history. As children see the past stretching out behind them, they will then question where the future may take them. Throughout KS2, children then continue to journey through the past, visiting Ancient Greece, the Vikings and even the Mayans.
Children are encouraged to develop questions about the past and look at why change happens. As their enquiry skills develop, children start to develop critical thinking and start to share their own opinions about the past.

Look at how we teach History at Sandbrook. Click on the knowledge and skills document below

Our Amazing  History Ambassadors are -

Lily 1P    Taha 1C

Alfie 2P    Zayd 2C    

Alyza 3P   Maisy J 3S   

 Qurrat 4C   Emily 4S  

Aleena 5S   Isabella  5S

 Charlotte 6S    Safa 6C

In Y6 we learn about the Mayan Civilisation. We created a travel brochure to explain the Mayan civilisation, their religion and their Gods.

In Y4 we have read Beowulf. We have investigated why the settlers chose to build their communities where they did. We discussed possible reasons for the decisions which the settlers made.

We learned about Egypt and the Valley of the Kings in Y5. 

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