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Our innovative ONE approach, ensures that enrichment is at the heart of our curriculum. Enrichment enables children to broaden their cultural understanding of the world, learn new skills, visit new places, experience new things and take on personal challenges. Our curriculum is carefully designed to include oracy development, nurture and enrichment, alongside pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills.

At Sandbrook we want our curriculum to be rich and exciting. We want our lessons to introduce our children to new ideas, new skills and new possibilities. All our children have a Sandbrook Passport, which ensures that throughout their time at school they will experience a full, rich, fun and well-rounded education.

Year 4 performed Shakespeare's The Tempest at Oldham Colosseum 

The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company performing at Sandbrook
The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company performing at Sandbrook

Historically in education, enrichment used to be the term used for anything which occurred beyond the standard curriculum framework. At Sandbrook we believe that meaningful enrichment must be within the curriculum and not just seen as an ‘add on’ or something which occurs ‘after the learning’. The new OFSTED framework recognises this;

‘For the first time ever Ofsted has created a new framework that requires schools to develop their pupils’ ‘cultural capital’. Specific notes within the framework reflect on ‘Personal Development’ and how children are to learn skills and realise talents, develop character and resilience, and learn about British Values, Diversity and Mental Health & Wellbeing, are all encouraging.’  

Bigfoot Arts Education 2019

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