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    Year 3 & 4’s Bedtime Book Box

    14 January 2020 (by Rebecca Norcliffe (RNorcliffe))

    Year 3 & 4 will be starting a new, magical reading project to share at home. Each Friday, a child will be chosen to have the Bedtime Book Box for the week. Inside are ‘Wonderful Thing!’

    The instructions are: choose a quiet, snuggly place with a family member and the cuddly friend; choose which ‘Bedtime Book’ to read, or you can read all 3 if you prefer; make the delicious hot chocolate; relax and enjoy your book together or read to each other. When you have finished, use the jotter to make something that the reading has inspired you to do: a book review; a bookmark; a note of your favourite part; draw the best character in your opinion, etc., the choice is endless.

    When you are all done, return all the contents to the box and bring it back to school by the next Friday, ready for the following person to have their turn.

    We hope you will all have fun completing this activity, but there is also a ‘science’ to reading!

    The top 7 reasons to read at bedtime with your child are, it:

    • …helps to develop a child’s imagination;
    • …gives you priceless moments with your child;
    • …improves your child’s language;
    • …cultivates a love of reading in your child;
    • …stimulates your child’s brain positively;
    • …helps your child fall asleep;
    • …makes your child smarter!

    We hope you are as inspired by Year 3 & 4’s new reading project!

    If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please see you child’ class teacher.