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Why teach geography?

Geography is a subject packed with excitement and dynamism. It helps children to make sense of the world around them, and arouses their curiosity in places and people. It helps open up students' awareness to what is around them both locally and globally, and the connectedness of people, regions and cultures within those places.

Geography helps children to understand how, and why, places are changing, and to better imagine, predict and work towards, likely and preferred futures.

Underpinning all of this is a strong spatial component - through the importance of location - and also ‘real world’ experiences of fieldwork. Good fieldwork allows children to explore and find things out for themselves which, as well as developing Geographical skills and knowledge, also aids general motivation and self-development.

At Sandbrook we want our children to be excited by Geography and begin to ask, and seek answers to, fundamental Geographical questions such as:

  • Where is this place?
  • What is it like, and why?
  • How, and why, is it changing?
  • How does this place compare with other places?
  • How and why are some places connected?
  • What could/should the world be like in the future?
  • What can we do to influence positive change?



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