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Welcome to Year 6!

It was lovely to see all of the new Year 6 pupils and they have made amazing progress.

The vast majority of pupils are punctual and attendance is exceptional. We hope this continues.

As this is such an important year, please can you continue to support your child by listening to them read daily and ensuring they complete their homework - which will be handed out on a Monday and due in on Friday.

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Spring Newsletter

Autumn 2 Homework Project

Invitation to Read with Children

What time is it there? Homework project

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Year 6 Letters

Mrs Cassell

Class 6C Teacher

Mr Simpson

Class 6P TA

The spaghetti and marshmallow challenge.

The children loved the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge. They had to work in teams and create the strongest structure. As you can they were very successful and while they were having fun; they also developed scientific skills and social, team building skills.

Well done year 6.

Useful Links

Here is a link to all the Year 6 spelling words:


We have been developing our historical skills this half term, through the topic on the Ancient Maya. We have looked at various stone carvings, found at various sites in Central America, drawing conclusions about what it told us about their beliefs and their lives.

In English, we have written reports on various aspects of The Mayan life. We are now in the midst of writing character descriptions on characters from a story based on The Day of the Dead- a festival which originated from the Mayans. You can watch the film by following this link

 In maths we have been exploring fractions using the bar modelling method. During Discovery Week we have been 'visiting' Guatemala and creating various art pieces also linking this to our topic.

In IT we have been creating our own E-Safety board games. This is enabling us to understand the dangers online and how to access the internet in a safe and responsible manner. In French we have been learning how to pronounce the days of the week and the month of the year.  

Finally, in PE we have been exploring dance and are in the process of choreographing our own. Watch this space to see some clips of our creations.

Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Cassell are so proud of the children’s achievements so far this year.

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge.pdf

Mr Cherryholme

Class 6S Teacher

Mrs Loker

Class 6P Teacher

Mrs Johnson

Class 6C TA

Mrs Alford

Class 6S TA

Art Gallery

Our topic this term is Collage. The children are beginning to study different types of collage and practise the different techniques used.

Lesson 1 - Landscape collage.

Crucial Crew

How lucky were Year 6 to have the opportunity to go to Rochdale Football Club and learn all about Safety!

They learned about staying safe in a variety of areas such as: internet safety; staying safe on public transport; first aid; healthy eating and many more.

The children had lots of fun, while learning some very important lessons.

Examples of Year 6 informal letter writing from World War 1.

George, Sana, Joseph C, Alfie, Paige, Leonie, Lilly and Akshay.

Their What time is it there? homework project.

Well done to everyone who worked so hard; We had a very difficult decision but finally (both staff and children) were able to announce the winners.the winners.

Mrs Cassell

18th December 2018