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Welcome to year 5.

We promote a stimulating and warm learning environment, where every child matters, and ability is not seen as a barrier to success.

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What the children have to say:

In maths we have been learning how to turn a fraction into a decimal. We have also been using our fractions knowledge to help us find fractions of amounts using the bar model.


In English, we have been writing explanation texts.


In topic, we have been learning about the Shang Dynasty and how it started in 1600BC and ended in 1046BC. We have started to find out about some of the kings and rulers of China and put them in chronological order.  

Miss Parker-Smith (Mrs Donnelly)

Class 5S Teacher

Mrs Rigby

Class 5S TA

Miss Considine

Class 5C Teacher

Ms Horsfall

Class 5C TA

Mrs Earl

Class 5C TA

Mrs Murray

Class 5P Teacher

Mrs Porter

Class 5P TA