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Mrs Mason

Class 4S Teacher

Miss Keighley

Class 4C TA

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What the children have to say:

I have found our latest Science project fun, I liked looking at what everyone else created.  Our topic is Electricity - it's good because you get to know about other things that you never knew - and electricity is everywhere!


In English, we have been learning about riddles.  Riddles are a rhyme but they don't have to all the time.  They are 4 sentences that describe something or someone, then you have to work out what it is from the clues.


In maths this half term, I have enjoyed everything that we have been doing.  My favourite has been multiplication and using equipment to help me work out 'lots' of things.

Welcome to year 4

In year 4 the children will enjoy a balanced curriculum with a variety of activities including swimming and drama.

The children will enjoy a final performance at the Oldham Coliseum.

Mr Sheader

Class 4C Teacher

Miss Saleem

Class 4S TA

Mrs Higginson

Class 4C TA

Mrs Ingham

Class 4P Teacher

Mrs Buzer

Class 4P TA

Mrs Houston-Sleddon TA supporting all Unit 4