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Welcome to Year 2!

This is an important year in your child's education as your child will sit the government's National SATs . We hope to offer a fun filled curriculum that meets the needs of all children.

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Year 2 Letters

Ms Northey

Class 2C Teacher

What the children have to say:

"In Maths we've been chanting our times tables trying to remember them. I also know my number bonds up to 20."

"I've been writing stories.  Mine was about Princess Peach and Prince Dan."

"I like taking it in turns to read during guided reading."

"I liked finding out where I live on a big map."

"We learned about a seaside place in Australia using a map."

Miss Norcliffe

Class 2S Teacher

Mrs Slater

Class 2S TA

Mr McHeers

Class 2S TA

Mrs Carter

Class 2C TA

Mr McHeers

Class 2C TA

Miss Hoyle

Class 2P Teacher

Mrs Fitton

Class 2P TA